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New Websites for My Modern Web Friends!

Thursday, September 30, 2010
We are proud to announce the launching of several new websites for MyModernWeb clients.  A1 Carpet Cleaning, B & C Catering, The Foundry, and Black Rain Ordnance.  These are all local companies and organizations working hard to bring success not only to themselves, but the community around us!
For those who aren't familiar with these companies, here is a little about each. But don't take our word for it, check out their new sites.  They can tell you about themselves better than we ever could!


A1 Carpet Cleaning has been a thriving local company for 25 years.  They provide unique carpet cleaning services for home and business owners.  With professional chemicals to ensure the best cleaning possible, special equipment to raise and protect furniture, and powerful air movers to make it all dry faster than other area cleaners you just can't ask for more than A1 can offer! Owner Bob Miller operates on a simple business premise. Do high quality work at a fair and honest price, and give your clients the service they deserve.  If you don't believe me, as Bob says, "Just ask your neighbor."






B & C Catering is based outside Carthage and provides service to a wide area all around Joplin. B & C specializes in catering for groups of all sizes and thrives on large scale events, for which the can also provide unique event planning for.  Owners Blake and Charlyn Mansfield are involved from inception to execution of each event to insure that every group receives the top quality service and food B & C is known for.  B & C is happy to cater nearly any kind of event from weddings, to birthdays, to corporate and government events.  If you need food for it, they can provide an amazing array of options.





Black Rain Ordnance is based in Neosho and is a dealer of top quality fire arms to both retailers and the public.  Black Rain has nationwide appeal with dealers in all 50 states using their service.  In addition to rifles, Black Rain is a seller of  top of the line accessories, and even clothing.




The Foundry Music Venue is a Christian based organization located in The Bridge Facility just east of Sam's Club in Joplin.  The Foundry is open to high school and college age kids during concerts with cover charge depending on the band.  The Foundry also sponsors a free college night every other Sunday from 8pm to midnight.  Featured artists in the past include American Idol contestant and national touring artist Daughtry, who performed all of his hits to a packed house.  In addition to concerts, The Foundry provides free WiFi, an Italian soda and coffee bar, and healthy snacks.  The Foundry is sponsored by local donations and fundraisers and headed by The Bridge President, Dan Mitchell, and his hard working staff.






Congratulations to all of our friends and clients involved with these efforts!  This is a challenging task for all involved and we appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.  Congratulations, good luck and continued success, you have all earned it!

Mobile Browsing the Future in Internet Usage

Monday, September 20, 2010

If you don't have your website readily available and viewable in a mobile capacity now is the time to get it there.  Mobile operating systems are mounting a tremendous surge in popularity thanks to easy to use systems such as Google's Android and Apple's iOS systems.

Apple's mobile browsing system, iOS, has moved into #3 overall  on ALL operating systems in internet usage.  The mobile system trails only Windows Internet Explorer, 91+%, and Mac OS, 5%. The Apple Mobile Browsing System encompasses iPhone, iPad and iPod and accounts for just over 1% of the overall market.  Although it trails the leaders by a significant margin, it has nearly 10 times the share of it's closest mobile competitor, Google's Android.  

Android has, however, surpassed the iPhone in sales and its Google Operating System is gaining on iOS rapidly.  iOS has 25% of the mobile browsing share, and Android has over 9%, up from 5% in April.  While Android usage is expanding quickly,  Windows Mobile Internet Explorer and RIM (which supports BlackBerry devices)  seem to be consistently losing market share right now. 

 BlackBerry is poised to make a run to recapture its lost share and make gains on its competitors with its new Torch.  The Torch is a more esthetically pleasing version of the former king of Smartphones, and will also have touch screen capability which is growing in both popularity and demand.  With BlackBerry users using their devices for increasingly more non-business activities than previously assumed, its new look and features will only serve to help increase and re-establish its market share.


Even though some of the more traditional Smartphones are losing share, they are still gaining usage.  Overall mobile browser usage was up 600% from December 2008 to December 2009 and continues to grow at a rapid pace.  These numbers were released before the initial offering of Apple's iPad, which, coupled with the rapid growth of the Android platform, can only drive more traffic to the mobile arena.

While the US has the largest mobile browser usage in the global market, mobile browsing will continue even more rapid growth as countries in remote areas with little or no wired internet access are now browsing almost exclusively from mobile phones.  Another area for rapid worldwide growth is densely populated urban areas being almost completely wired for WiFi access.  In areas such as China and India, this can mean nearly unlimited access for over a billion potential users. 

Although business has been done on Smartphones for a relatively long time, through email and other core business activities, Facebook and other social networking applications, such as Twitter, have also driven mobile usage .  Facebook and Twitter both have application for nearly all Smartphones and are increasingly visited primarily from mobile devices, with total use tripling on mobile devices in the last year.

Smartphones continue to drive shares of internet usage toward mobile devices.  Although feature phones have some online ability, Smartphones have made browsing online nearly as easy from your phone as from your home computer.  Being able to accomplish so much from ones' phone is a major advantage for anyone, but especially on the go professionals and students, and judging by shifting market shares they are definitely taking advantage.

Protect Yourself! (In More Ways Than One)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ever consider consequences from posting on Facebook?  We probably all post things in social media that we later realize we should have thought through a little more.

It's been widely publicized that potential clients check out your Facebook page to get a little better picture of "you".  Ethical (even legal?) or not,  doing business is a  huge investment so it's probably  good practice, and a good practice for you to keep your page clean.

Keep your friends and business associates in mind, too.  Guilt by association can keep you from landing a client for many reasons.  If you have a close friend who is an employee, especially a highly ranking one, with a direct competitor it may give a potential client reason for pause.  If your friends are a bit….sophomoric, you may want to keep an eye on their posts and block them or delete them entirely.  Even after you've landed a client there is a good chance they will be keeping an eye on your social media use, so it may be time to cut ties with your childhood friends who are still living out their childhood.  (It can also work in reverse, i.e. don't say something inappropriate on your friends page that may potentially cause problems for them).

Going on vacation? We are always excited when we are getting ready to head out on adventure.  Telling the world about it opens a Pandora's Box of possibilities while you are gone, though.  If you are a thief, why case a neighborhood when you can just watch Facebook and find a good house to rob? Or worse yet, a business that will be closed for a few days with tons of useful, and expensive, equipment lying unguarded.Post pictures when you get back of the great time you had. Better to be patient than sorry!!

A lot of common (and not so common) posts we all may make could also have dire consequences we may not consider.  Check out this article from Yahoo! to keep yourself safe:

The Bridge's New Website is Up!!

Friday, August 27, 2010
The question for many parents in the Joplin region is, "Where is a fun, safe place for my 6th, 7th or 8th grader to go on Friday and Saturday nights?" The answer: The Bridge Junior High Activity Center, in Joplin!  And now, you can find out more about this amazing facility on their just launched new website,!
The Bridge is located at 3405 S. Hammons Blvd. (just east of Sam's Club).  The teen center provides a positive social atmosphere for Junior High students where they can climb, play dodgeball, basketball and MUCH more!  The Facility is open from 6pm to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The cost to enter is $3 per student.  All activities within the center are included in the price and supervised by well trained and dedicated staff.
In addition, The Bridge offers a Wednesday night Bible Study for teens and free sessions from 6-8:30 p.m.
The new website for The Bridge will expand its efforts to reach Junior High teens.  The new site will offer the ability for supporters to make donations and to purchase items such as t-shirts and other branded materials.  All proceeds go to help Bridge Ministries reach its mission:  “to attract and welcome all teens and connect them to Christ.”
The Bridge not only hosts a ministry program that impacts Junior High students directly, but also offers the opportunity for other local teen ministries to enhance their offerings by utilizing the facility for their programs.  Youth Ministers may contact The Bridge through the website to book their event.
Bridge Ministries’ facility also includes Autumn Ramp Park and The Foundry Music Venue.  Both are teen friendly facilities providing additional outlets with the same type of faith based initiatives.  New websites for these equally amazing facilities will be coming soon as well! 
Also check them out on facebook, twitter and foursquare!

Roper KIA, a GREAT Community Leader

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We want to highlight one of our friends who is giving A LOT back to the community.  We just launched two new sites for Jack Frost and Roper KIA. One is for a program that donates a car to an especially inspiring teacher each month, the other is for a deserving senior who will receive a car at the end of the school year.  Thanks Jack, for being a great community leader and allowing us to be involved with you!